"Why rent from the rest when you can do business with the BEST "                  

FAST, COURtious AND dependable sERVICE.

-poly installation

- poly recoil and banding

- equipment rental

- pit liners

- trenching
Custom  irrigation systems

- Construction & oilfield site Management


When you've been in business as long as we have and faced the constant instability of the oilfield you learn a few things. Or, in our case, more than a few. The most important  thing we learned is that in order to survive we had to diversify. We have successfully done so and we are now not only an oilfield service company but also a construction service company. We have extended our vast knowledge of fastline installation from oilfield locations to successfully serving the construction industry  as well.  We have expanded our rental equipment onto construction sites, we have also become very familiar with the maintenance  of both oilfield and construction sites.


We have recognized the need for installation and recoil  of poly/fastline in the oilfield as well as construction buisnesses. We have all state of the art equipment necessary to accomplish this. Our crews are all certified in the installation, recoil and banding of poly line.

Equipment Rental


We  deliver quality equipment to your location, It is our goal to minimize your down time due to breakdowns or malfunctioning rental equipment. Our highly trained crew  maintains and services our equipment and should there be a problem will bring out a working unit promptly,  No more downtime waiting on repairs.

,Apex offers many service to maintain your construction or oilfield site. Our services include but or not limited to ,  debris removal. grass c utting ,fencing, maintaining gravel/limestone roads, pit dewatering, minor oil spills.  Our maintenance services are to numerous to list  but we are only a phone call away.  There is no job too big or too small

Fastline / Poly Installation

Having the right hands on the job makes a difference

Our crews have been certified in the installation, recoil and banding of poly line. They have also had extensive training in oilfield and construction safety.

Apex rents quality equipment with the promise to maintain and service all equipment to diminish your down time,.

We rent pumps, , light towers, gas line (poly) , water lines (poly), hoses, water crossings and various other equipment needed on construction and oilfield sites.

site maintenance

Equipment Rental